Frequently Asked Questions 

Will it fit?

Will it all fit in a Luton Van?
 A Very rarely would you be able to fit a whole house worth of furniture and belongings into a single Luton Van. Most moves need a lorry, or at least three or more vans. This is why we do a survey prior to the quote, in order to gauge the volume to ensure a smooth move on the day. 

Q Why have you not completely filled the Lorry/Van?
A All commercial vehicles have a weight limit, a law which we have to abide by. Most people would be surprised how little weight these vehicles are legally allowed to carry. Therefore this is something we have to be mindful as it can result in heavy fines, or even the mover unloading your belongings at the weighbridge.

Drawers & Wardrobes

Do we have to empty the drawers in the chest of drawers?
A We do prefer it if you do, as it can be awkward getting chest of drawers down stairways sometimes, and drawers sometimes have to be removed. The last thing you want is us chasing your pants down the street on a windy day.

Q Can we leave hanging clothes on rails?
A If asked at point of quote, we can supply wardrobe hanging cartons for this. If not, then you would need to pack your clothes away in boxes, bags or suitcases.


Can we leave the food in the Fridge Freezer?  
A No. We always advise that you run your food down prior to your move, or place it in a friend or family member's freezer. Both fridges and freezers need to stand for at least four hours after being moved to allow the internal gasses to settle before being switched on. If we loaded it onto the lorry at 11am and you didn't get your keys until 4pm, by the time its in place and then sat a further four hours, your food would have perished.

For Further Info

We are always available to answer all other questions your move may raise, so please feel free to pick up the phone to ask!!